Amidst our busy lives filled with work deadlines, family gatherings, and the latest binge-worthy TV shows, an urgent whisper grows louder each day: the call to action on climate change. 

Looking for a US ‘climate haven’ away from heat and disaster risks? Good luck finding one

 The world is burning. Death Valley, Calif., shattered the record in July 2023 for the hottest temperature on earth

As Maui's fires raged on, fueled by a combination of drought, intense winds, and climate shifts, the reality of our times became inescapably clear: we are living the climate crisis.

Sixteen young Montanans who sued their state over climate change emerged victorious on Aug. 14, 2023, from a first-of-its-kind climate trial.

Spending time in a garden is good for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re watering plants or simply chilling on a deck chair – there’s a whole range of benefits that come with it.

In 2021, the United States witnessed the impact of natural hazards on nearly one in 10 homes. As climate change continues to shape our environment, it becomes imperative to identify the riskiest...

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